IPDT NUFT – Institute of Post-Diploma Training of the National University of Food Technologies

Licence of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine #АЕ № 527693 of 23.12.2014.

Institute of Post-Diploma Training was created as a consequence of reorganizing of former Institute
of Advanced Training and Retraining of Managers and Specialists of Food and Procession Industry.
It was integrated into National University of Food Technologies (NUFT).

The Institute carries out training of managers and specialists of food and processing industry
enterprises of all types of property. We invite you to raise your professional level by selection from
the following training courses:

  • Specialization (more than 500 hours);
  • Raising the level of your skills (72 to 500 hours),
    including short-term seminars (less than 72 hours);
  • Business planning training;
  • Master-classes;
  • Individual consulting.

There are 8 chairs in the structure of the institute:

Branch chairs
Inter-branch chairs

The Institute practices, by request of customers, the group training (consultations) of managers and specialists of one or several special directions in order to determine and to solve the problem cross-points, control of anti-crises measures etc.

Such groups could consist of managers, legal advisers, departments' heads, other specialists according to the customer's choice. Confidentiality is preserved. Target-oriented seminars could be carried out directly at a customer's site.

The Institute cooperates closely in it's activities with the National University of Food Technologies, leading branch Research and Development Institutes, State Department of Food, Ministries of Agro-industrial Policy, of Environment, of Emergency Situations and State Committee for Standards. Students and participants of seminars are provided with methodic materials and hostels.

Estonska Str. 8a
Tel/FAX: (+38044) 449-12-33



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