IPDT NUFT operates in accordance with following legal documents:

and provides professional development for managers and specialists in following forms:

  • specialisation;
  • long-term professional development (72–500 hours);
  • short-term professional development (up to 72 hours);
  • individual consulting.
  • internship

An extract from the Statement № 127/151 dated March 26, 2001


p. 3.5. Professional development of managers and specialists is being conducted with the aims of perfection of knowledge and skills in corresponding specialty, mastering new functional duties, peculiarities of labour under market economy conditions, mastering the basics of management and marketing, perfection of skills in managing modern production, rational and effective labour organization, etc.

Specialisation has its aim in providing additional knowledge and professional skills to an employee without qualification assignment and changes of education rank. Specialisation is being performed in corresponding educational institutions and continues for no less than 500 hours.

Long-term professional development is aimed at: employees mastering complex knowledge, skills and experience that help them perform their direct duties; extension of their areas of competence on current or new workplaces; studying current legislature regarding questions that lie within the competence of the institution or its department, primarily questions of occupational safety and health, modern production technology, means of automatisation, cutting-edge methods of labour organisation, experience of best national and foreign companies.

Long-term professional development continues from 72 to 500 hours, and education is performed in post-diploma education institutions.

The period at which managers and specialists should take long-term professional development depends on industry needs, but should not be less often than once in every 5 years. Managers and specialists who have just been hired or promoted should undergo long-term professional development as quickly as possible.

Upon completion of long-term professional development and after thesis defense students receive their country standard Certificate of qualification upgrade. A fee of 20.95 UAH is required to receive the Certificate.

Short-term professional development should be taken by managers and specialists in order to exhaustively study in a chosen direction, for example, in case of modernisation, reprofiling or structural changes at the facility, significant changes to the regulating legislature, economical questions, business speaking, etc.

The length of short-term professional development is defined by the facility and depends on aims and contents of the educational program, but should not be longer than 72 hours. Educational program and documents required fot this form of education are developed and approved by the facility. In case of short-term professional development is organised on contractual terms, the educational program is approved by the educational institution which performs the education, and is agreed with the client.

The period of short-term professional development is defined by the facility depending on the industry needs.

The schedule, forms and methods of education are defined by the educational institution which performs the education in accordance with the demands of educational legislature.