Institute of Post-Diploma Training of the National University of Food Technologies
Licence Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine АЕ №636488 of 19.06.2015р.

Institute of Post-Diploma Training was created as a consequence for reorganizing of former Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining of Managers and Specialists of Food and Procession Industry. It was integrated into National University of Food Technologies (NUFT).
The Institute carries out training a managers and specialists of food and processing industry enterprises of all types of property. We invite you to raise your professional level by selection from the following training courses:
  • Specialization (more than 500 hours);
  • Raising the level of your skills (72 to 500 hours), including short-term seminars (less than 72 hours);
  • Business planning training;
  • Master-classes;
  • Individual consulting.

The Structure of the institute fully corresponds to functional tasks set in the main spheres of institute's activity:

  • provision of conformity between the educational service's quality, content and job market demands;
  • increasing levels of educatedness, culture and professional qualification of industry employees and adult population of the country in general;
  • increasing the proposition on the educational services market, increasing the effectiveness of educational services;
  • assistance to improvement of field management system through communication between subjects of the educational process;
  • working on problems of post-diploma education of top managers and specialists;
  • satisfying cultural and moral needs of our students;
  • creating and support of proper conditions for studying and residence of students.

The Mission

The institute has its mission in increasing the open market competitiveness of the country's agricultural enterprises through improvement of knowledge and skills of managers, professionals, specialists and technicians in accordance to current production demands.

Management Of IPDT NUFT Activities

IPDT NUFT is a governmental educational institution. It is a separate department of the National University of Food Technology. IPDT NUFT acts in accordance to: the Constitution of Ukraine; ukrainian laws on education, higher education, scientific and technological activity; statements of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; other applicable legal documents; Statement about IPDT NUFT which has been ratified on 17.07.2001.

All activities of IPDT NUFT and its structural departments are regulated by corresponding rules. 

IPDT NUFT is being governed by its director in accordance to the Statute of the University, decisions of the Scientific council of NUFT and abides to current ukrainian legislature.

Director of the Institute performs general management of IPDT and is responsible for the results of its activities. Director solves important questions concerning the Institute's functioning, controls and coordinates activities of the administration and the Scientific council, as well as represents IPDT NUFT in public.

Scientific council
is a councelling body on scientific and educational activities:

  • works with questions regarding organisation of educational, methodological and research activities; defines the directions for development and activities of IPDT NUFT, directions and amount of preparations which have to be performed by the Institute;
  • analyses the results of IPDT NUFT activities each six months and provides recommendations for improvements, collects and discusses the yearly activity report;
  • works with questions regarding job positions of professors and teachers; questions regarding scientific degree applicants;
  • works with other questions regarding IPDT NUFT activities.

Conference of employees is the collegiate body for civil self-government.

Trade union committee
is a body that represents employees and protects their rights and interests.

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